Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR) are much more convenient and secure than paper ones! They can never be never lost and, if necessary, they can always be printed. An EHR contains complete information about the patient including services rendered and treatment programs.

Switch from paper to EHR

Electronic health records helps you to bring your data together in one place. Having all your patient information in one place is a benefit you can understand even when it is limited to paper. For example, imagine you are back on the ward during your house officer days. Seeing all the latest bloods in exactly the right place in the patient record is a godsend when you’re in the middle of a ward round. It’s almost exactly the same when it comes to having all your digitized data in one place, with one important overriding distinction. Unifying of all your digital records means that you can:

  • Analyse an individual patient’s progress
  • Reduce clinician burnout and boost patient care quality
  • Improve clinical effectiveness
  • Discover overall trends in your clinical and business practice

EHR Modules

Medical history

an account of all the medical events that happened to your patient alongside all the actions that were taken.

Forms and documents

create and store the mass of documents that are completed outside of appointments.

Uploaded documents

you can scan in, store and view digital copies of documents and images directly in the patient record.

Invoices and billing

present a full account of your patients’ financial standing in your clinic, produce invoices, receipts, credit notes and more.

Communications log

track automated booking confirmations and reminders, write one-off texts and emails for more personalized communication.

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