Invoices and Payments

Manage invoices, payments, expenses with PracHQ's simple yet comprehensive financial tools—all linked to your client, communication and appointment history.

Medical Billing

Medical billing refers to the transactional aspect of healthcare provision and can be best summarised as the relationship between 3 different groups of people: healthcare providers like doctors and clinics, healthcare recipients (patients), and payers. This three-way relationship is pretty clear-cut when the payer is an insurance company, but not so straightforward in the self-pay market where you as the practitioner don't want to reduce the doctor-patient relationship to a transaction.One of the best ways to both ensure that you get paid appropriately for your work and to remove yourself from any financial transaction is to use practice management software that automatically generates your billing and invoice documents as you record your activity with each patient.

Billing Module


Seamlessly create invoices from the appointment calendar or patients record pages

Convert estimate to invoice

Easily convert the treatment estimate to invoice

Invoice items

Automatically relate certain services and products to appointment types, helping to automate the invoicing process.


Apply discounts at the time of invoicing, or even override the price for complete flexibility.

Payment History

Record payments and close out invoices directly from a client’s file.

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