Easy online quoting and treatment estimate for allied health practitioners

Generate a quote using pre-configured price books and customize it however you like. Once ‘accepted’ by the customer, instantly book appointments and save time on account management. When the treatment is finished, generate an invoice from your quote and get paid faster.

Configure, Price, Quote

One barrier to delivering timely treatment estimates is when practitioners want to offer the customer different treatment options, but have to go digging through spreadsheets to find the right pricing rules to create the quote. PracHQ resolves all these hurdles by providing price for each clinic and various treatments offered by the practice. With PracHQ, every conceivable configuration, price, discount, and scenario can be specified, making the product configurations and options straightforward based on medical practice capability. PracHQ provides seamless tools to medical practitioners and staff members to create a complete, accurate quote, using a customized template, all within minutes. It’s automatically routed to the correct parties for approval, shortening the wait time even more.

  • Configure multiple price books for multiple clinics
  • Clone price books from existing pricebooks
  • Special offers price book configurations
  • Configure different terms & conditions for each price book
  • Configure custom metadata and treatment categories for easy search
  • Send estimates via emails to customers with a single click

Free for 30 days

No payment information required. Just create an account and get full access to every feature. When your 30 days are up, enter your payment details and continue enjoying all that PracHQ has to offer.